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    GIS Guide provides innovative GIS Location-Intelligence solutions to companies in different sectors to help them benefit from the power of location-based information to gain powerful insights and drive their business to a higher level of efficiency and performance. Read More
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    GIS Guide provides innovative GIS Location-Intelligence solutions to companies in different sectors to help them benefit from the power of location-based information to gain powerful insights and drive their business to a higher level of efficiency and performance.

    Through our range of solutions and services, organizations will be able to make use of their geographical business data (assets, clients, market, suppliers, etc) and integrate it along with otheruseful data (local indexes, statistic bureaus, population, Points of Interest, etc.) into a Location Intelligence platform, where they can see the data on map in a flexible and customized way, perform various measurements (proximity, density, distribution, coverage, routing, etc) and analyze relationships and correlations between all these data for better-informed decision-making.

    What makes us different

    Whereas GIS systems and platforms are generally known by their complexity, genericity and high-cost, we at GIS Guide aim to make them accessible to everyone through our industry-oriented, user-friendly and cost-effective turn-key applications.

    How we do it

    Our team gathers highly-experienced professionals in GIS systems and in various complementary fields: market research & product design, software programing, geo-coding & surveys, data collection & integration, marketing and sales. Moreover, we have built strategic partnerships with key industry players such as data resellers, local directory service providers, system integrators andhardware suppliers in order us to deliver content-rich applications, out-of-the-box solutions and highvalue-added services.

    Values we protect

    Our customers are the reason we exist, and their satisfaction comes first. Transparency, trust, initiative, attention to details, individualized assistance and our commitment to constantly improve services we offer all represent the values that define the way we do our job, every day.

  • Consultancy

    GIS Guide assists corporates through different phases of GIS system integration, from on-field survey & data collection, through data management and integration, to the implementation and configuration of diverse GIS systems (open platforms, Esri, Google Maps, Here Maps, etc).

  • Training & Support

    GIS Guide offers its services on Cloud and on-premises along with software support and technical assistance that guarantees a good quality of service. Our Support service covers the constant delivery of system updates and upgrades.

    For solutions that include hardware modules (ex. Vehicle Tracking), we provide hardware maintenance as part of the solution package to ensure a quick intervention in case of hardware failure and fast service recovery, and to save our customers from unexpected maintenance invoices and hidden costs. Our technical engineers perform on-site preventive maintenance on a regular basis to guarantee a good quality of service.

    We offer users necessary training to make sure they take the most out of our GIS applications. We also provide training sessions on-demand.

  • Geocoding & Survery

    GIS Guide assists governmental institutions and private companies in performing on-field surveys to collect data and match addresses with their exact geographic locations on map.

    Customers generally ask for such service when they need to locate business-related addresses (clients, branches, resellers, distributors, fixed and mobile assets, etc) geographically on map.

    GIS Guide team has the experience and know-how that make such complex job done in time- and cost-efficient manner.

  • HERE Map Content Reseller

    The Most Widely Used Map for Navigation.

    HERE Map Content is comprehensive, automotive-grade data suitablefor navigation, location-basedservices, enterprise applications and more. You’ll find HERE Map Content Products in vehicle navigation systems, the top consumer mapping websites and applications and millions of the top brands of GPS-enabled wireless devices aroundthe world.

    They’re also the maps powering geographic information systems, and the foundation for a new generation of location-based services.

    Middle East



    • - Comprehensive automotive-grade map of the Middle East region including Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and U.A.E.
    • - Suitable for navigation, location based services, advanced route planning, enterprise and ADAS applications

    Coverage Highlights

    - Covers 100% of the Middle Eastern population as Prime and Complete Coverage
    - Includes 1,899,445 Core POI
    - Supports English, Turkish and Arabic languages

    Coverage Statistics (Q4/15)

    - 1,563,946 KM of road network
    - 779,039 KM of Verified road network

    2016 Plan

    - Expansion of Prime Coverage in Turkey
    - Extensive maintenance activities in the GCC states to guarantee automotive-grade quality


    Commercially available


    Available in the following formats: GDF, RDF,NAVSTREETS and File Geodatabase (FGDB)

    Core POI



    Core POI is a class of POI products that include a set of categories most used by consumers which have been attributed and verified to meet our specifications.

    Data Features

    Content includes high-value categories (e.g. Restaurants, Hotels, Gas/Petrol Stations)
    Content includes high-value attributes (e.g. Facility Type, Name, Address, Phone, Chain ID, Food Type, Parent/Child, etc.)


    Commercially available


    Available in the following formats: GDF, RDF, NAVSTREETS and File Geodatabase (FGDB)


    More than 40 M POI in 225 countries/territories globally

    GIS Guide Solutions
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking

    GIS Guide Vehicle Tracking Solution allows institutions to track their mobile assets on map so they keep an eye on where their vehicles are and how they are used.

    GIS Guide Vehicle Tracking application is available on-cloud (online service) and on-premises as standalone system (Enterprise Edition). Our vehicle tracking platform is built on the latest Here Map technology and powered by Teltonika high-end GPS devices. It is designed to offer high level of security, availability and Quality of Service.

    GIS Guide Online Vehicle Tracking application is hosted on Microsoft Azure Secure Cloud, which makes it accessible anytime and from everywhere through a web browser or a mobile app.

    GIS Guide Vehicle Tracking Solution allows you to:

    - Detect real-time location of your vehicles and monitor their actual movement
    - Monitor driver’s behavior and eliminate unauthorized stops, over-speeding and after-hours use
    - Prevent abusive driving and fuel waste, and save lot of money
    - Locate important places (gas station, car service, hospitals) nearby vehicles for emergency
    - Enhance drivers’ safety and reduce accidents risk
    - Analyze vehicle usage efficiency with powerful reporting capabilities
    - Ensure on-schedule transport and improve your customer service

    Click here to download GIS Guide Vehicle Tracking Product brochure

    gps Vehicle Tracking
  • HERE Market Explorer

    here market explorer

    Here Market Explorer is your new online easy-to-use web-interface that allows you to access rich HERE contents and Points of Interest on map, and explore businesses & facilities in your local and regional market in a very powerful way, along with the ability to easily import and view your in-house business data on map.

    HERE Market Explorer is helpful to support your market research, marketing plan, advertising campaign and other business cases with field-data about your geographic area of interest and get powerful insights on how location could impact your business.

    Here Market Explorer covers all countries including the Middle East that presents around 2 million Points of Interest.

    Click here to download HERE Market Explorer brochure.

  • Geomarketing Solution for Banks

    market share
    Corporates Explorer & Market Share
    Explore Lebanese corporate market on Map, lookup into 40,000 active institutions and branches and filter them by industry, sector and activity. Get powerful insights on corporate market-shares per industry per custom geographic area.
    competition analysis
    Competition Analysis
    Compare and analyze your position with respect to your competitors on the level of geographic coverage, catchment-areas and corporate market-share, identify underserved geographic spots and take more informed decisions to improve your competitiveness.
    market potential analysis
    Market Potential Analysis & Site Selection
    Explore the potential of existing/new geographic markets and identify areas with high population & corporates densities and poor service. Locate your branches and competitors’ branches, simulate new sites to get insights on where a new branch should be located for a highest potential reach.
    branch network optimization
    Branch Network Coverage & Customers Proximity
    Assess your branches network geographic coverage based on custom trade areas, customers’ distribution/density and competitors location, identify underserved & overserved areas, determine potential risks and opportunities associated with relocating an existing branch or opening a new one.
    bank locator
    Banks Locator
    Locate all banks’ branches over Lebanese territory, see their distribution on map, filter them by type, get useful stats and counts per geographic area, and access their info details in a very powerful and user-friendly manner.
    HERE Market Explorer
    HERE Market Explorer
    Access 124,000 Points of Interest (Here Maps) in Lebanon and explore different areas and territories to feed your business-related plans with useful geographic data for logistics, expansion, sales, event hosting, advertising, reports & studies, social initiatives, stats and figures, and more.
  • G2Ad for Optimized Outdoor Advertising

    G2Ad is our new state-of-the-art solution tailored for outdoor advertising agencies to help them better manage and assess locations of their outdoor media panels so they become able to offer their clients better targeted advertising campaigns, and great and efficient buying experience.

    G2Ad allows outdoor advertisers to understand and measure the drivers of a successful location-based advertising campaign. Through the application interface, they will be able to geographically locate their outdoor media panels on the map, filter them by type (billboards, LEDs, etc.) and other criteria, and learn more about their locations and surroundings (nearby points of interest, demographics, trip destinations, traffic, routes, etc.) to make more informed selection and consequently offer optimized outdoor advertising campaigns. The application also offers Campaign Proposal Tool that generates a ready-to-use PDF proposal document showing full details of selected panels including pictures, specs, maps, and other complementary information such as client details, proposal details and campaign summary (booking date and period, total budget, summary of suggested panels).

    G2Ad is very easy to use; clients just need to upload their media assets inventory that contains geographic location of panels, and then they can immediately start exploring lots of value-added features the application offers:

    - Display panels on map per type, and get full description about each panel
    - Custom search for panels matching one or more specified criteria
    - Identify Points of Interest nearby panels (schools, restaurants, businesses, hospitals, shopping malls, etc.)
    - Show different routes (from/to) and intersection roads with respect panels locations
    - Simulate campaign scenarios and generate a comprehensive PDF proposal document in just one-click

    G2Ad application is fully hosted at GIS Guide’s secure cloud; it only requires a simple web browser and an Internet connection.

    Product brochure will be available soon.

  • G2 5Index Locator

    GIS GUIDE Location Intelligence Platform is now integrated with 5index online directory service, allowing 5Index subscribers to locate tremendous 5index business data on GIS Map and bene­fit from lots of location intelligence added-value features.

    G2 5Index Locator is accessible through 5Index online web interface and available for 5Index subscribers only. Users who perform 5Index DB Search will be able to view their search results on Map.

    Once the “View On Map” button (on top of the search results list) is clicked, a new browser tab will open showing GIS Guide Map with 5Index records located in the form of red 5Index pins. The user can click a pin to get all info about the selected item and can route to its location from his current location or any location he choose. The user can also use the menu list to customize the view (group and expand pins), and to further filter search results by several criteria such as activity, number of employees and company group.

    Click here to download product flyer

    g2 5index locator
  • Working With Us

    People get happier and more productive when they work in an environment that motivates them. We do encourage our staff to explore their talents and get the most out of their potential, and we appreciate them when they reach it.

    We look for people who share our team-spirit, dynamic and progressive approach, productivity, commitment to result. Sense of humor is a plus.

    GIS Guide is a workplace that values strong work ethics, initiative and new ideas.

    working with us
  • Join Us

    Our company is growing, and we constantly look for new people to enrich our team. We do update this page and post new jobs as soon as new positions are vacant, so please keep following us.

    If no vacancies are found, your profile might still be interesting for us to see. So please do not hesitate to send us your CV.

    Now if you are a freelancer and think you can contribute in one of the following areas, do not hesitate to get in touch.

    Areas of interest for freelancers:

    • - Graphic Designer
    • - Mobile Software Developer

    CVs are received on the following email address:

  • Business Partners

    Here Maps

    Here Maps

    Here offers very powerful and innovative maps powered by location cloud and enriched with dynamic data.

    Here believes maps will play a critical role in improving mobility for people and enterprises, making driving safer and more enjoyable, and reducing emissions.

    With the backing of its new investors, AUDI AG, BMW Group and Daimler AG, Here aims to accelerate the deployment of real-time maps that can benefit all Here customers.

    Here for Enterprise enables businesses and governments to manage their assets in smarter ways by providing the most comprehensive offering of map and platform tools, which can help organizations analyze their own data with location context to obtain new insights and make decisions that increase the productivity and efficiency of their mobile and fixed assets.

    Here has created maps for 196 countries with more than half navigation grade. In addition Here has public transit maps in more than 1,000 cities and indoor maps for more than 90,000 buildings across over 13,000 venues. With millions of daily updates and the support of Here’s online community using the HERE Map Creator, Here makes detailed, accurate and up-to-date maps.

    Here and GIS Guide Partnership

    GIS Guide, being business partner with Here and acting as authorized Here Data reseller, provides various GIS solutions based on cutting-edge Here Maps platform. GIS Guide stands among the pioneer companies who develop location-intelligence platform and applications on top of Here APIs and SDKs for desktop and mobile users. GIS Guide takes the most out of Here Maps technology and content-rich Here maps to deliver high-end services covering GIS, mobile asset management (vehicle tracking), geo-coding and geo-marketing applications.



    5Index hosts one of the top Lebanese Online Business Directories covering the entire Lebanese territory. It manages a huge and constantly-updated database of local businesses, institutions, brands, etc. providing full data reports about them including full contact details, websites, products, activities, operation, branches, market coverage, number of employees, registration number, capital, assets, executives names & email addresses, partners, audit firms, legal advisers, import/export and more. 5Index directory lists up to now:

    - Over 32,000 Active Institutions in Lebanon
    - 90,000 brands & products descriptions
    - 55,000 branches with complete address details
    - More than 50,000 business emails & 20,000 websites
    - 150,000 executive names
    - More than 120,000 phone numbers including 45,000 professional cell phones

    5Index and GIS Partnership

    We GIS Guide have partnered with 5Index to match 5Index business addresses to their exact location on map, in an effort to add a geographical meaning to the data and allow 5Index users to view their search results on map and benefit from number of value-added features that help them perform spatial lookups and analysis.

    The outcome of such data analysis is very useful to any company that needs to learn about local businesses, competitors, market shares, etc. and get business insights for its strategic planning and decision-making (investment, new-branch opening, marketing and advertising, etc).

    Our joint efforts with 5Index will continue in order to bring out more value-added solutions that offer to clients the facility to access very powerful information in just one click.

    Hudoud Al Teqnia

    Hudoud Al Teqnia

    GIS Guide’s Exclusive Business Partners in KSA

    Hudoud AlTeqnia is a Saudi technology company, with history of delivering national level projects and teaming with international market leaders in specific focus areas. The company has unparalleled experience and unique capabilities in its board and management, with rich know-how and subject matter experts across several vertical industries and focus on embracing modern technologies implementation leading enterprise change from strategy to architecture, project execution, to operation and maintenance. Hudoud AlTeqnia collaborates with government and corporate clients to enhance their technology adoption and reengineer their processes and implement innovative systems building internal capacities and boasting employees throughput. Areas of expertise include consulting, building technology projects, and outsourcing. Engaged in Implementing large scale Information technology projects, building mobile applications and web applications, Data Warehousing and decision support, Integration of various IT systems and applications, Consulting on major IT initiatives.

    Trust Services Company

    Trust Services Company

    Exclusive Business Partner in Liberia. For further details please contact Mr. Papa Kamara (

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